Web Development

If you want to learn web development for creating your own website and still haven’t read my blog Web Development, A Step By Step Guidance , then please first read it and then proceed to this blog for better understanding. If you are not interested, you can skip them and continue to read this post.

Web Development

The process of designing, developing, publishing and maintaining the websitesis known as web development. Through web development you can publishing your data
across the world via World Wide Web  i.e. text, audio, videos, and images – using internet.


A web page is document which can contains any type of data such as text, images, videos etc to publish/share it across the world . It is  written in HTML and can be formatted using CSS. A web browser is used to display a web page on yor screen.


A website is collection of related webpages which are linked to each other using hyperlinks. A web site may contain fewer or even hundreds of webpages which are stored on web servers.

Web Browser

A web browser is software which is used to display the hyper text files in the form of a well formatted, well designed webpage. Web browsers reads marks in the hyper text file and with help of these marks decides that where the text should be displayed as bold, italic, colorful, large size, etc. It is clear, to know the duty of web browser, that web developer thinks and instructs the web browser about the look of a web page and web browser obeys the instructions and displays webpage as instructed by the web developer.


Internet is a network of billions of computers connected to each other from all over the world. Computers are connected using different types of communication medium such as cables, radio waves, satellite and etc. Computers also need a transfer protocol for sending and receiving data.

World Wide Web (www)

World Wide Web is the combination of all the resources on internet such as web pages, web servers and clients on internet. It is used to share and display data worldwide using a network protocol named HTTP.

IP Address — this is an IP address. Whenever a computer is connected to internet it is assigned a unique address which is called an IP address. This address helps a computer to access other computers and website. Web servers have a constant IP address but the IP address of client computer is changed every time when it gets connected to the internet.

Domain Name

It was difficult for the users to remember the complete IP address of each website. To solve this problem the IP addresses of web servers are, now, represented in easy to remember English like words such as webdevelopmentwithkhuram.blogpost, google, yahoo and etc. otherwise you’ll have to remember lengthy and hard to remember IP Addresses to get access to a website.


URL stands for Uniform Resource Locater and is known as web address. It consists of two main parts i.e. network protocol and file resource. http://webdevelopmentwithkhuram.blogpost.comis the example of a URL of this page.
Network Protocol is a rule of sending and receiving data, http in the above example.
File Resource is the address of the resource you are looking for, webdevelopmentwithkhuram.blogpost.com in the above example.

Web Client

The computer you are using to connect to internet to read this blog is considered as a client computer. Client sends request/s to the web server and, in response; server sends the requested webpage/s to client. Client, then, renders the sent webpageand displays it via a web browser i.e. Chrome, Firefox or any other.

Web Server

A web server is a powerful computer which is used to store the websites.A server receives the web client’s request and sends the requested webpages, of the typical website, to the user’s computer (web client).

Client Side Scripting

Some part of the webpagecode is run on the web client and other is run on the web server. The part of code run on the web client is known as Client Side Scripting such as filling an online web form where you might be warned, if something gets wrong, or suggested the alternative by prompting you to re-enter your data.

Server Side Scripting

The part of code run on the web client is known as Client Side Scripting such as filling an online web form where you might be warned, if something gets wrong, or suggested the alternative by prompting you to re-enter your data.

So now you’ve learnt the basic and essential terms of web development. Now you should move to HTML. Click this link to know What is HTML.

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