What Is Hyperlink?

What is Hyperlink & What Hyperlink Does!

A Hyperlink can be a text or image which leads or directs a user to another hypertext document i.e. webpage, website, next/previous sections on the same webpage or to an Email addresby just clicking on the Hyperlink by mouse or any other pointing device.

Normally, simple and non-hyperlinked text is in black color (if not formatted by the web developer) and
 nothing happens by clicking such text and image. Unlike the simple and non-hyperlinked text a Hyperlinked text looks different. It is in blue color and underlined (if not formatted by the web developer). Whenever a user drags mouse pointer over (in technical term hover) Hyperlinked text or image, the mouse pointer gets changed into a hand shape from a normal arrowshape (on windows)When a user clicks a Hyperlinked text its color also gets changed, normally from blue to maroon, to indicate that the user has already visited this particular link and can skip this for now if he or she wants to.

The Example of Hyperlink

The text to be displayed as Hyperlink Text is put between the …. tags. Thefollowing example will display a Hyper Link text in between the …. tags:
When you will see this example in a web browser it will look like the following:
That is how the text look in between …. tags.

Now you’ve learnt that What HTML Is, HTML Tags and What Is Hyper Link as well. Next you’ll learn What Software Is Required to Create a Webpage and The Structure of an HTML Webpage.


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