What Software Is Required to Create a Webpage

No Need to Purchase Any Extra Software to Create a Webpag

The good news is that if you want to create your own hand-written webpages you need not to purchase any extra software to start your journey of the wonderful world of web development. The creators of HTML had worked hard for us in such a brilliant way that we can even use a simplest word processor i.e. note pad(for windows) to develop a webpage without facing any serious hurdle.

Software You Can Use to Create a Webpage

Two types of software can be used to develop a webpage which
 are explained here below.

Specially Designed Software:

You can create a webpage using specially designed software for web development i.e. Dream Viewer or any other. These type of software provide tow interfaces; HTML Interface for HTML code writing or/and editing and a Design Interface to provide the facility of creating a webpage without writing any code.

In the Design interface you need not to enter HTML tags and lengthy pieces of code to perform various tasks in your webpage such as formatting text and paragraphs, inserting tables, lists, form’s elements and other elements. All these tasks are done just by clicking on icons, selecting commands from menus and setting and providing some values like you do in advance word processors while working on your official or personal documents. These software also provide the facility of managing folders containing your webpages, images and subfolders quite easily. Another facility provided by these software is auto word completion/suggestion for the words which are reserved by the language developers for the HTML language or reserved by the web developer who is creating webpages using HTML. Auto word completion/suggestion means when you type a few letters of these reserve words you are shown a list of words next to the ending letter of the word and you can select the appropriate word from that list instead of typing the complete word.

The HTML Interface, of such software, provides you an access to HTML code which is generated automatically at the backend of the software while working on the frontend (in Design Interface). This interface is helpful when you want to gain more control for designing and securing your websiteor solve a problem which is not possible to solve by working with Design Interface. In my opinion, this is very useful tool. One important thing about such software which should be remembered is: “More ease causes less control/security i.e. in Design Interface, while less ease causes more control/security i.e. in HTML Interface“.

Simple Word Processor

Using a simple word processor, like note pad, you have to write and manage the HTML code of your webpage yourself as the word processor will not do this job for you unlike in Dreamviewer’s Design Interface (if you did not understand at this moment, keep reading, you’ll understand at the end of this heading). By writing HTML code and managing the folders containing your webpages and images yourself, you gain less ease but much control/security. Some word processors like Notepad ++ (a freeware software) are user friendly and provides you some facilities such as to show the code in different colors and inserting the line numbers on the start of each line to help the web developers and someone else who want to read and understand that code.

Beginners Should not Use Specially Designed Software for Web Development

If you want to become a top quality webmaster, I would recommend you not to use software like Dreamviewer at beginning level. The reason is that when you use such a software you don’t write the code yourself, as a result you don’t get familiar of HTML syntaxthe rules of any computer language which describes the way of writing statements to tell the computer what to do  and coding style, you are not habitual of time consuming process of understanding and writing code. This could put you in trouble while you are working on a project and unfortunately you’ve faced a problem which is not getting solved with the Design Interface of your software and the only way to solve the problem is to use HTML Interface to overcome this problem. Working with the Design Interface of these software you could not solve it as you are not familiar of the HTML syntax, coding style and understanding code. But feel free to use Design Interface of such software when you’ve full control over HTML syntax and coding.

Use Simple Word Processor for Web Development

It is good for the beginners to use word processors or HTML Interface of such software to write code of a webpage. In this way you have to write the code yourself and you’ll get aware of what and how you are doing on your webpage. You’ll learn HTML syntax, coding style, and understanding of code which will be useful in future. Notepad can also be used but you can download Notepad++  and install it on your computer.

After installation Notepad++ you are ready to create your own webpage. Proceed to the next topics to understand the structure of a webpage and then start your coding properly to create a webpage!

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