Installing PHP/MySQL on Windows 8.1 Using WAMP Server 2 Step by Step – 1

Installing PHP, Apache Server and MySQL seems to be very difficult and almost tiresome for the beginners and some times for average developers as well. But don’t worry we have a three in one like solution, the WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) Server. You just need to download WAMP Server and install it like other Windows Applications.

Don’t bother how to do all that, I’ve explained each and every step below. Just follow step by step instructions and you’ll end up with the installation of PHP, MySQL and Apache Server.

Step 1: Download and Install WAMP Server

  • Download latest version of WAMP server.
  • Double click the downloaded setup.exe file to install WAMP server as a local sever on your system. You’ll see the following window.

wamp_1Click “Next >” to start installation process.


wamp_2Select “I accept the agreement” and click “Next >” to proceed.


wamp_3Click “Browse…” and select the folder where you want to install the WAMP Server and click “Next >“.


wamp_4Tick the check boxes according to your choice. It simply shows that whether you want to show the icon on Desktop and/or on the Quick Launch Bar. Click “Next >“.


wamp_5Click “Install” to proceed and you’ll see the following windows indicating the installation is in progress.


wamp_7_Installation_2You can cancel installation here if you want, When the installation gets completed the following window will be displayed.


wamp_8_PHP_Mail_ParametersDon’t change anything, leave every thing as it is, and click “Next >


wamp_server_8_browser_endThis message box will ask you whether you want to make Firefox as you default browser for WAMP Server. Click “Yes“.

Note: if you haven’t installed Firefox and using any other browser, you might be asked to set that browser as your default for the WAMP Server.

wamp_server_9_endClick Finish to exit from the setup while keep checked the check box “Launch WampServer 2 now“, this will launch the WAMP Server automatically.

You’ve completed Step 1 successfully. In the next post “Installing PHP/MySQL on Windows 8.1 Using WAMP Server 2 Step by Step – 1“we’ll complete the Step 2 to make sure that you’ve successfully installed the WAMP Server by displaying the default local server page.


One thought on “Installing PHP/MySQL on Windows 8.1 Using WAMP Server 2 Step by Step – 1

  1. Hi
    I have a problem when installing wamp2.5 on my windows 8.1. i used the same method as you described above. but it shows some dll missing error. i tried to install wamp on my desktop pc and laptop both. but the result is same. can you tell me a solution?


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