Installing PHP/MySQL on Windows 8.1 Using WAMP Server 2 Step by Step – 2

Step 2: Browsing the Local Server on your Web Browser

Now to make sure that the WAMP Server has been installed successfully follow the following steps.

Double click the WAMP Server icon on the desktop. You’ll see a new icon is added in your system tray which changes its color as give below:

  1. Orange to Red
  2. Red to Green

Look at this picture. wamp_server_10_icon_colors

Green color means you’re going good and ready to browse your local host page from you favorite browser.

Red color means that there is some problem with your WAMP Server. To deal with this problem click (don’t right click) WAMP Server icon on the in the “Window System Tray” and choose the command “Restart All Services” as shown in the following picture .


wamp_server_10_icon_click For now, we suppose that every thing is OK and you are observing a green color of WAMP Server’s icon.

Now open any browser-My favorite is Firefox– and http//:localhost in the address bar and hit Enter! If you are seeing the page shown in the following picture then congrats, you’ve successfully installed Apache Server, PHP and MySQL just by instilling a single software.


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