Installing WordPress 5 Steps

In this post you’ll learn how to install WordPress. I’m sure that after this tutorial you’ll say yourself how easy that was! 🙂

Step 1 – Downloading WordPress:

  • First of all you need to download WordPress from the
  • Unzip the .zip file to your server’s www (for WAMP users) or htdocs ( for XAMPP users) directory.

Step 2 – Select Language:

  • Browse to the wordpress folder from your browser (click here if you are using WAMP or XAMPP)
  • You should see the following window:


  • Select your desired language
  • Click ‘Continue’. You’ll see the following window:

Step 3 – Linking Database:


In the above window you are being informed that:

  • WordPress needs some information about the database; such as db name, db username, db password, db host and db prefix.
  • WordPress will use this information to save your posts, pages, themes, configurations, comments and etc. 

Please Note this information will be given in the next window so please click ‘Let’s go!’ and you’ll see the following window:


  • In the above window provide the database related information. You can give the values as I gave or you can chose your own.
  • Click ‘Submit’ buttonyou’ll approach to the following message box:

Note: ‘phpmyadmin default User Name is root and Password is nothing (means empty) 🙂. So please don’t use this info for your production environment.

Step 4 – Installing WordPress:


  • Click ‘Run the Install’ button to Install WordPress. You’ll get the following window:


In the above window provide the following information:

  • Site Title:              Example Blogs (The title of your blog site)
  • Username:           mkj (To login in your admin dashboard)
  • Password:            Any you like! (To login in your admin dashboard)
  • Your Email: (To get your site related notifications)
  • Privacy:               Check if you allow search engines to crawl your site or not.

After filling the above form as given (or as you wish)

  •  Click the ‘Install WordPress‘ button
  • If every thing is OK (hopefully it would be :-)) then you’ll get a success message like displayed below:

Congrats! You’ve successfully installed WordPress on your machine!

Step 5 – Logging into WordPress Dashboard:

  • wp_06In the above window with a success message of WordPress installation your Username is also displayed.
  • Click the ‘Log in‘ and you’ll be displayed the following Login dialog box:


  • Enter your Username and Password which we provided during step 4 – installation.
  • Check the Remember Me check box if you want to access your dashboard directly without watching this Log in dialog box when next time you’ll access your dashboard.
  • Click ‘Log in‘  to log into your WordPress admin dashboard as shown below:



  • This is the WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Here you can add posts, pages and much more.

In the next post we’ll understand various options of this admin dashboard.

*If you are facing any problem and unable to properly install WordPress please follow the tutorial step by step or you may ask questions through comments!

If you think this post is helpful for you then it definitely would also be helpful for others, so share with your friends because our motto is “Surf to learn, share to teach!”. Thanks and bye till the next post.


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