Welcom to MKhuram J

Aim of The Site

My aim to build this website is to help those people who want to become professional web developer or professional database designers. To achieve this goal I’m providing brief but detailed series of tutorials. If you also want to become a Professional Front End Web Developer or a Professional Back End Web Developer and/or a Professional Database Designer using Object Oriented Analysis/Object Oriented Design and Object Oriented Programming then you are on a good place. Just browse the site, choose your relevant topic(s) and become a master of that technology.

How this site is different from others?

Unlike many other sites, this site first will teach you the required technology and then you’ll work on projects which will be provided soon. I believe, and probably you’ve observed, that the “Project based learning” is the only way which can lead you to your desired destination.

So to become a Professional, learn the required technology and grasp it by practicing the project. I’m sure you’ll become a

A list of main topics you could learn on this site are given below:

  1. Front End Web Development
    • HTML5
    • JavaScript
    • AJAX
    • CSS3
    • XML
  2. Back End Web Development
    • PHP
    • Database Handling
    • AJAX
  3. Database Analysis
  4. Database Development

So, stick to this site to become a Professional! Best of luck!